We deliver marine services and project specific marine solutions through our highly skilled professionals with top quality, innovation and efficiency to our Customer delight. We take pride to handle all marine projects with due diligence, professionalism and with high regard to IMO conventions, class and flag state requirements.


Sale and purchase is an important aspect of the shipping industry. We develop ship sales as well as undertake comprehensive condition and valuation survey of vessel on behalf of buyers.

With our experience as ship owners, we submit correct assessment of workmanship and maintenance status of ship for consideration of sale and purchase. Additionally we can assist buyers for change of Class, management and compliance with flag state registry and survey preparations. Post purchase if requested by Buyers, delivery crew can be provided for mobilizing ship to the nominated port.

Ship purchase involves vast amount of finance and requires different kind of professional knowledge, such as knowledge of particular type of ship, its function, condition, market valuation, legal knowledge as well as dealing and bargaining knowledge.

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